AMI – Organic Nutrition For Plants 

“It is a biological formulation in the form of powder, liquid and granules and work as plant growth promoter. It is in rich organic macro and micro nutrients with vitamins, protein, growth hormones and sea weed combinations.”

Key Benefits

Natural ingredients suitable for organic farming.

Improves crop yield and produce the quality.

Key Benefits

Promotes strong root growths.

Completely eco-friendly components.

Key Benefits

Provides balanced nutrients.


Suitable for foliar and fertigation.

It has high antioxidant levels to fortify resistance against stress

Dose & Method of Application

Seed treatment -10-15 ml or10mg per Kg

Drip irrigation- 1 litr or 100gm per acre

Foliar spray – 1litr or 100gm per acre

Granules – 5kg par acre

Crops – all crops

Package - Liquid

1 litr, 500ml, 250 ml, 100ml 10 kg, 5kg, 2kg, 1litr/1kg

Package - Powder

500 gram, 250g, 100g, 50g

Package - Granules

1 kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25 kg

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Happy Customers & Buyers

Farmer - Uttar Pradesh

“It is an unique product for the supplement of plants and it is essential for large scale farming. The micro nutrients are rich and helps boosting the proctivity of the crop plus soil.”

Botanist - Vivek Chaudary - MP- Indore

I have been using this product from six months and experienced the quality of the product. This is the best organic nutrition for plant, I have ever used. Growth rate of plant increased rapidly by using it in small quantity.

Robert Jake Mccolum - Poland

Its amazing product and chemical free odour less, easy to use with clear instructions on the packing.

I have been using this product for last few weeks and could see visible improvement in the plants.